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Story post!

Hell hath no fury like a Kazra in a bad mood. This is why, when a cursing Kazra walked in, all the puppets dived for cover. All that is, apart from Kaas, Ti and Faramir (the latter because he didn't quite know what was wrong).

"Don't say anything." Kazra instructed as she stalked up the stairs, feet crashed down with more force than necessary. There was a slight pause, before all the puppets winced as the door was slammed shut.

Eyes scanned the room. It seemed safe to emerge. Slowly, one by one, the puppets returned from their hiding places, looking at each other.

"Kaas? You're the one that's popular with the mun at the moment, what's happening?" Vidumavi asked.

"She's having problems with other puppets. Not any of us, but the ones over at deadjournal," Kaas replied.

"Again?" Lokiel purred.

"Again," Kaas confirmed. "Although this time its slightly more serious."

"Will it affect us?" Miranda, the only actor there asked worridly.

"It might," Kaas confirmed solemnly. "She really doesn't want to, but she feels that she's not good enough, or not able to do enough."

"She really needs to get her head sorted," Draugluin muttered.

"We know Draugluin, but she is our mun," Ti replied, leaning back against the wall. "We just have to put up with her."

"I heard," Vaire started "That a whole group of puppets got together and voted out another puppet that was annoying them. Can't we do the same with our mun?"

"No," Kaas said firmly. "Kaz stays, as do we all for the moment. And anyway, she won't get rid of us. All she'll do is withdraw us from our games and play with us in here instead. Or perhaps put some of us up for adoption."

"Will that mean I get pookie back?" Faramir asked.

"It might do," Kaas replied, not quite hiding the roll of her eyes.

"Lets just keep our heads down. Miranda, Kaas, I think you're the only ones at the moment that Kaz is feeling she's got to do something for since she dusted us recently," Morwen said "So, if you can, it might be best to give her an easy ride, not push her too much."

"We'll try," the pair replied in unison.

Up in her room, Kazra listened to her puppets talking, and smiled through the tears that were threatening to fall. You had to laugh when figments of your imagination started talking to you, and giving you good advice.

It was just going through with the decision that was hard to do. It was already made.
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